Aiko 445Wp | All Black
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Aiko 445Wp | All Black

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228Wp/m2 | N-Type ABC | 108 cells | Black frame | MC4 EVO2 | 1722x1134x30

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Aiko 445Wp All Black solar panel

The AK-A445-MAH54Mb-BK from Aiko Solar is an All Black N-Type ABC solar panel and has an output of 445 Watt peak. The Aiko 445Wp has 108 Monocrystalline silicon cells, a black anodized alumninum frame and a size of 1722x1134x30mm. The Aiko 445Wp features 3.2mm semi tempered glass with anti-reflection coating. Furthermore, the AK-A445-MAH54Mb-BK features an efficiency of 22.8% and the panel is compatible with MC4 EVO2 connectors. Thanks to N-Type ABC technology, the entire front surface is able to effectively absorb sunlight. The AK-A445-MAH54Mb-BK belongs to the Black Hole Series. With Aiko Solar solar panels, you benefit from a 15-year product and 30-year power warranty. There are 36 pieces on a pallet.

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