APSystems QT2-EU Micro-Inverter
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APSystems QT2-EU Micro-Inverter

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3ph, 400V, AC-50Hz, 2000W, 2 MPPT

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The 2nd generation APsystems 3-phase Quad Micro-inverters deliver as much as 2000W and are ideally suited for most new, high-power panels.

With customizable 3-phase range, 4 DC input channels, Encrypted Zigbee Communication, the QT2 benefits from a completely new architecture. The innovative design makes the product unique and delivers maximum power output. The components are encapsulated with silicone to reduce stress on the electronics, improve thermal dissipation, optimize waterproof properties and ensure maximum system reliability by applying extreme testing methods, including accelerated lifetime testing, among others. Anytime access, 24/7, to energy production through the app and web portal allows remote diagnosis and maintenance.

Features APSystems QT2

The new QT2 also has RPC (Reactive Power Control) for interaction with the grid to better manage any voltage differences. In addition, the QT2 offers an efficiency of 97%, has 20% fewer components than the previous generation and is ideally suited for both residential and commercial PV roofs.

Designed for 3-phase environment

4 Input channels with low DC Voltage, 2 MPPTs

1 Micro-inverter for 4 panels

Maximum continuous output AC power up to 2000VA

Designed for highest output panels (Max. input current 20A)

Integrated VDE Relay

Variable power factor

3-phase balanced output

ESTG is a wholesaler of inverters for solar panels and other renewable electrical items, such as charging stations, home batteries and thermal heating. With a wide range of A-brands, ESTG supplies installers throughout Europe.

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Micro Inverter

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