Understanding solar panel yield

To see the output of your solar panels, you need an inverter that converts the generated direct current into alternating current and measures the output. Many inverters today have a built-in monitoring system that gives you access to yield data via an app or website. If your inverter does not have built-in monitoring, you can purchase an external monitor that you can connect to the inverter. This allows you to track and analyze your yield data to optimize your energy consumption and savings.

An inverter is designed to convert power from solar panels or batteries to usable alternating current for domestic use. Generally, inverters do not have built-in WiFi features. If you want to monitor your inverter’s data remotely, you may be able to purchase a remote monitoring device that can connect to your inverter via WiFi and transmit your data wirelessly to your mobile device or computer. It is advisable to consult the manual of your specific inverter to see what options are available for remote monitoring.

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