My Journey to Renewable Energy: 7 Points of Advice for Buying Solar Panels

As someone who has always been fascinated by the power of the sun and the possibility of making our world more sustainable, it was a logical step for me to purchase solar panels for my home. But before I took this leap of faith, I wanted to make sure I was well informed. So I […]

Half cut and 1/3 cut cells

Half cut In solar panels, “half cut” refers to a particular type of solar panel designed with half-cut solar cells. It means that the standard solar cells of a panel are cut in half, creating two smaller cells connected in parallel. Its main purpose is to reduce power loss due to internal resistance and improve […]

Growatt ARK H versus Growatt ARK XH series

The ARK H Series/HV Series has the HVC 60050-A1 as its BMS and is compatible with Growatt SPA and SPH inverters. The ARK XH has the BDC 95045-A1 as its BMS and is compatible with the XH battery inverters. BMS stands for Battery Management System. Both series use the same battery modules(286176) and base or […]

What is the difference between a 1 phase and a 3 phase inverter?

Single-phase and three-phase inverters are types of inverters used in electrical systems to convert power from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The main difference between a single-phase inverter and a three-phase inverter has to do with the number of conductors and the resulting current distribution. Single-phase inverter: A single-phase inverter has two conductors, […]


Optimizers for solar panels are devices used to optimize and improve the performance of solar panels. They are installed between the solar panels and the inverter and ensure that each panel operates independently to provide the highest possible current and voltage regardless of conditions. In other words, optimizers for solar panels maximize the energy output […]

Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial panels are gaining ground. A Bifacial (two-sided) solar panel does not have a white or black film on the back, but a glass plate or transparent film. As a result, the panel captures sunlight on both sides. Bifacial solar panels can be used on roofs with reflective surfaces. This reflects light rays so that […]

Is a dynamic contract with solar panels beneficial?

A dynamic contract with solar panels can be beneficial depending on several factors. A dynamic contract means that the price you pay for the energy your solar panels generate can vary based on various factors, such as the market price of energy at any given time. The benefits of a dynamic contract include that you […]

How to save energy costs with home battery and dynamic contract

There are several ways to save energy costs using a home battery and a dynamic contract. Here are some suggestions: Use the home battery to store excess solar energy: If you have solar panels, you can store energy generated during the day in the home battery. This can be used to power your home at […]


What is a Micro-inverter? A microinverter is a type of inverter mounted directly on each individual solar panel, rather than at a central location for the entire solar power system. This allows each solar panel to operate independently and maximize yield. There are several situations in which using microinverters can be more advantageous than using […]

MPPT trackers

What is an MPPT tracker? A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) tracker is an electronic controller used to maximize the efficiency of solar panels by finding the point at which the panel delivers the most power. Solar panels have a specific operating voltage and current at which they produce the most power, called the Maximum […]

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