Growatt ARK-2.5H-A1 (High voltage battery)
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Growatt ARK-2.5H-A1 (High voltage battery)

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2.56kWh Battery, High Voltage

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The Growatt ARK 2.5H-A1 high-voltage battery is an integral part of the Growatt ARK XH and HV battery systems. These uniquely designed, modular systems provide comprehensive energy storage for solar panels. The unit’s quick plug-and-play installation simplifies the installation process.

Growatt ARK 2.5H-A1 home battery benefits

The Growatt ARK 2.5H-A1 home battery uses advanced lithium-ion technology (LiFePO4), setting it apart from conventional lead-acid and other types of batteries. Modern technology provides extended life, low maintenance, fire safety and relatively light weight. In addition, the battery features improved discharge and recharge efficiency.

The ARK 2.5H-A1 home battery has an IP65 protection rating for outdoor installation and offers flexible installation options on both walls and floors. A separate base must be purchased for floor installation.

Specifications ARK 2.5H-A1 home battery

Notable features of the Growatt ARK 2.5H-A1 home battery include:

Cobalt-free LiFePO4 battery technology ensures safety.
Rated energy capacity: 2.56kWh, with a depth of discharge (DoD) of 90% (usable capacity 2.3kWh).
Rated current: 25A.

Rated voltage: 51.2V.

Extended service life of 6000 cycles.

Communication port: CAN/RS485.

IP65 protection against dust and water.

Compact dimensions (W/D/H): 650/260/184 mm.

Only 28 kg.

Firmware can be remotely updated for continuous improvement.

10-year warranty.

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