Inverters allow you to power domestic equipment – requiring 230V/120V AC – using ‘leisure’ or ‘automotive’ batteries rated at 12V, 24V or 48V DC.HIGHLY RELIABLE – BUILT FOR THE YEARS AHEADPhoenix Inverters are built to last. They feature sophisticated full-bridge and toroidal transformer topology – which is suitable for powering sensitive electronics. They are overload, temperature, and short-circuit protected.FULL BURSTS – HIGH PEAK OUTPUTSome electronic devices – particularly those which have an electric motor – require short bursts of energy on start-up which is much higher than their rated power consumption. No problem – the Phoenix inverter has industry-leading peak-power capability.INTELLIGENT ALARMS, SHUT-DOWNS, AND RE-STARTSA high power draw on start-up can trigger false alarms, and shut-downs. Phoenix makes allowance for this and only shuts down in cases of persistent overload. Intelligently – shut downs will be followed by a series of re-starts – to eliminate ‘false alarms’.CONSERVE POWER WITH ECO MODEIn Eco mode the inverter shuts down when no power is required. Phoenix senses the output socket every couple of seconds and automatically turns back on if power is required again.USER-CONFIGURABLE SETTINGSPhoenix has a communication port providing access to status information, alarms and automatic user-configurable low-voltage shut downs. Shut downs will be followed by a series of intelligent re-start attempts. User settings can be accessed from your computer or mobile device via VictronConnect – our free-to-use app.

Additional information


Victron Energy

Commodity Code


Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D)

105 x 230 x 325



Grid Voltage


Output Connector

NEMA 5-15R Socket.


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