Yes Solar Mono Perc 410 W – Half-Cut (All Black)
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Yes Solar Mono Perc 410 W – Half-Cut (All Black)

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410WP, 108 cells, 21% efficiency, MC4-EVO2, 12-year warranty

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The JA Solar Deep Blue 3.0 Light Half-cell Black module is an advanced solar panel that combines advanced technology, outstanding performance and elegant design. It is the ideal choice for solar installations in both residential and commercial buildings, with high efficiency and durability for maximum power generation. With its half-cell technology and black appearance, this module offers both functionality and aesthetics, making it an excellent investment for any solar project.
Key features:

Improved efficiency: The Deep Blue 3.0 Light module uses advanced half-cell technology, which improves the efficiency and power output of the panel. This means you can generate more electricity from the same amount of sunlight, maximizing the energy output of your solar system.

Excellent durability: This module is made of high-quality materials and meets strict manufacturing standards. It withstands various weather conditions such as wind, snow and rain, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Optimal low-light performance: The Deep Blue 3.0 Light module is designed to provide excellent performance even in low light conditions. This means you can still generate electricity on cloudy days or in areas with less sunlight, increasing the overall productivity of your solar installation.

Elegant design: With its stylish black look, this module integrates seamlessly into different types of roofs or building structures, adding a touch of elegance to your solar system. It fits perfectly with various architectural styles and is an aesthetically pleasing choice for both residential and commercial installations.

Industry-leading warranty:Backed by JA Solar’s reputation for quality and reliability, the Deep Blue 3.0 Light module comes with an industry-leading warranty. This warranty protects your investment and ensures long-term performance, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your solar system.

The JA Solar Deep Blue 3.0 Light Half-cell Black module combines excellent efficiency, durability and aesthetics, making it the best choice for those looking for a high-quality solar panel. With its advanced technology and elegant design, this module is a reliable solution for residential and commercial solar installations, with optimal energy generation for many years.
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JA Solar


JA Solar

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410 Wp


All Black

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